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Natura  Lash™ Eyelash Extensions

Spring Special!

Applied only by licensed professionals the Natura  Lash™ 
is a semi – permanent eyelash extension. 
They will generally last up to two months or more and
touch-up appointments at least every two weeks are recommended.  

The single synthetic lashes of Natura Lash™ are applied one by one
to your existing lashes so they give a totally natural look. 

With Natura Lash™ extensions you can shower, swim or spa while wearing them.  
Most users find that mascara is not necessary with these extensions since
they provide ultimate length, thickness and fullness along with a nice curve.

$150 for a Full Set of Lashes an additional $25 for a soothing collagen eye mask

Special !!

$125 for a Full Set of Lashes
collagen eye mask!